Production: committed producers

    Our producers are committed to constantly improving their farming practices, in particular by implementing actions in favour of biodiversity and the reduction of inputs. SARL DANIEL CADIOU accompanies them and is committed at their side in various certifications:

  • - GlobalGAP:
    Global standard based on Good Agricultural Practices, safety, hygiene and environment.
  • - Organic Farming (AB):
    It represents a sustainable agriculture which aims to ensure a perennial production, respecting ecological, economic and social environments.

  • - Zero Pesticide Residue program* of Nouveaux Champs group, which is a citizens movement of French producers Committed to a farming that promises a "Zero Pesticide Residue" production*.
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    *The absence of residue is determined for each active substance analysed by a result below the Quantification Limit, the lowest value quantifiable by laboratories with acceptable precision.


    In order to ensure the safety and the quality of the product, SARL DANIEL CADIOU is committed to:

    - FEL PARTNERSHIP (self-checking agreement in partnership with the public authorities)

    - PRODUIT EN BRETAGNE (charter based on the quality of the product, its know-how, the ethic and environmental respect of its production)

  • - BRC (global standard that takes into account product safety, the risk of fraud and the risk of malicious acts).


CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

    An everyday challenge

    Taking social and environmental issues into account in daily management and in interactions with interested parties, taking into account the biodiversity of the site, contributing to the development of regional employment, having social practices that respect the rights and interests of employees without discrimination or differentiation between men and women. These are values and principles that SARL DANIEL CADIOU integrates into the way it runs its business. The actions and values of SARL DANIEL CADIOU in terms of Social Responsibility have been compiled in a CSR report which is available on request at a.lelez [at]

    Obtaining the "PME+" label allows us to validate our practices and consolidate partnerships with interested parties.

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